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We keep hearing from our agents and clients about a 'new craze' in live music for events; roaming musicians performing up-close and personal. The most common groups are made up of horn players which is a clear nod to the marching bands of New Orleans.

In fact, this is not really a new craze at all. Our 'sister' group Schwing have been doing this for many years and our roaming horn section is still going strong, along with our fantastic and interactive lead vocalists.

The Squid Lips Band have taken on board the current popularity of this style of performance and have decided to get 'roaming' - Rock and Roll style!! As the squids don't often perform with a horn section we have got the rest of the band moving with wireless systems for guitars and our unique wireless Keytar!

During our recent tour of the French Alps, we put our new roaming gear into practise on over 100 concerts; including several special events & weddings. Audiences come to life as we gradually introduce our movement onto the dance-floor - and beyond! What's more, it has given us all a real boost in terms of how we can each enhance our performance and engage people; it also brings out some healthy competition between the musicians which adds a further level of fun to our shows... The only one who is not convinced is our drummer, Will; for the moment he is mostly stuck behind his drum-kit but there will be a plan for that soon!

Book a roaming band for your event and see the atmosphere lift beyond your expectations. Audiences feel relaxed and are more willing to get on their feet...

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